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A bit about the original Fonera 2100 router.
Table of contents
  • Pictures


First a few pictures.

The un-touched Fonera

Top view - three LEDs: WLAN, Internet, power.

Side view - power socket, Ethernet socket, WiFi antenna

buttom view - y
ou can open the Fonera, by removing two of the rubber feet, and unscrew the two screws (on the left in the above picture).

inside view - with a few extra blue heatsinks. 

The fonera 2100 originally got quite hot, even though it had a good size silver-color heatsink attached. It was still advisable mount it in the upright position and not flat on the back, when running it for days at a time. Mounted on a "wall" would facilitate a be better airflow. 

click for larger image
inside view - click image for larger view

  • The CPU (top left) Atheros AR2315 is usually covered by heatsink and hf shield
  • 16Mb SDRAM
  • Serial port socket/pins
  • JTAG sockets
  • GPIO - General Purpose I/O sockets
  • It is possible to attach an extra antenna, but it has to be software enabled

buttom view of circuit board - click image for larger view

  • Ethernet tranceiver chip
  • 8Mb serial FLASH chip
  • Reset Button

I wanted the box to be cool and quiet at all times, so I added a larger heatsink
I think it is a chopped-up pentium 4 heatsink. Also added the  RAM heatsink.

Fonera with additional heatsinks

Outside view with the new heatsink.


last edit 28-10-2008