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A WiFi signal strength test
My apartment building is a three storey high concrete building from the late 1970'ies. 

With Netstumbler running on my laptop I took a walk around the apartment and the surroundings, to test the signal strength through concrete walls.

I have two WiFi routers placed close to one another. I like my ASUS WL500gP v1 router.

With DD-WRT loaded on the router, it is possible to increase the Tx power. Some 10-15 dBm may be gained this way, but it's not recommended.

Using the windsurfer parabola one may also be able to increase the Tx strength another 10 dBm. Using a better antenna, this is the recommended way to go, if you need better reception for your WiFi.

Individual graphs

Asus wl500gP w. two antennas

Netgear Cable Modem/Router w. WiFi