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Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Computers and Electronics

Before using these new web site tools, I hand crafted every page. And those pages still exist here: English pages Danish pages Direct links to some of the English pages about electronics: DD-WRT experience WiFi Stuff The network center I plan to some day move or copy those and other pages into the wiki, but we’ll see […]

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WordPress Themes

Having the basic web tools up and running, it’s now time to find themes of apperance that I like. So far I have looked at about ten different ones that all have their advantages, but I’m still looking to find the one. Until I find the one, or I learn how to adjust detailed settings, I […]

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Hello world!

Hello World!  This is the first post on my new hacks blog. I like to make things!  Today I made myself a wiki and a blog (this blog). Here are the details for setting up a wiki. And details for installing and start using WordPress

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